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How to pick up your luggage early after the flight, saving both time and effort!

 Do you ever get tired after a long flight and the extra time you have to wait for your luggage at the airport and shorten this time is the wish of many passengers. Then do not miss the below tips to pick up your baggage early to make your trip more convenient.

Many passengers often express concern when they have to check in their luggage, partly because they do not want to spend a lot of time and effort waiting for their luggage to come out at the airport conveyor belt after check-out. The following 6 tips will hopefully partly help to solve your problem. 


How to pick up your luggage early after the flight, saving both time and effort!Getting your luggage early to reduce the time and effort of waiting for your suitcase / backpack is the desire of many people

Revealing 6 ways to get your luggage early after flight so 'pocket'

1. Put things neatly and bring them on the plane

Provided that the suitcase / backpack you bring meets the standards of height, weight and fluids, items to be carried with you ... by the company, bringing them on the plane with you will save money. It was quite time. When you get off you just drag it out of the cabin without waiting in line.


How to pick up your baggage early after your flight - don't check in your baggageInstead of checking in your baggage, if you only have hand luggage, it will be faster and more compact when exiting the airport

2. Stand at the top of the conveyor belt while waiting for items

This is the easiest way to pick up your baggage early after flight . Of course, your suitcase / backpack may not be out early, but at least you will be the first to see it, so it can still save quite a bit of time compared to those present.

3. Mark the baggage as fragile

Many people do not know this, that you absolutely can ask the staff at the check-in counter to label "fragile goods" on your luggage. And these packages will be arranged last in the packing process of the luggage compartment, of course they will appear first on the conveyor belt when the flight ends. Another small benefit is that if you do, the employee will also be more comfortable with your suitcase. Of course, there are also cases when they have to hurry and do not notice this label.


How to pick up baggage early after flight - mark fragile baggageLabel "fragile goods" on your luggage so they are treated gently and last in the luggage compartment


4. Business class flight

What is the way to pick up your baggage early after flight? If you don't know, in business class, you not only enjoy better in-flight experience, luggage weight ... and also save a lot of time on baggage collection. . Because you will have priority to get off the plane earliest, get your luggage fast because they are tagged with priority next to priority check-in, sit in the "genuine" lounge and are invited to the plane by the airline staff.


How to pick up your baggage early after your flight - in business classPriority pick up is just one of many deals exclusive to Business Class travelers


5. Final check-in

A somewhat risky approach, in case you may be delayed flight time due to not checking-in in time. You can imagine that among those who checked in baggage, those who check-in first, the baggage will go first. Therefore, when the plane lands, the baggage will appear later and vice versa. If you use this method, you should be very careful!

6. Use your membership card in flights

The airline's membership card will be very convenient for those who travel by plane often. Like a point card when buying, you can accumulate bonus miles to redeem tickets, upgrade seats, free baggage. And luckily, getting your baggage early is also a perk of this card. The procedure for making a card is usually quite simple, so you can completely consider making a card, visit the website of the airline for more details.


How to pick up your baggage early after your flight - use your membership cardAn airline membership card gives you a lot of benefits


So there are many ways to get baggage early after flight , your job is to analyze pros / cons and apply them on a case-by-case basis to make your trip more convenient and quick.

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