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How to choose a seat on the plane that suits your preferences

 Flying is really a worthwhile service to experience, but each sitting position will have different pros and cons. So what is the way to choose a seat on the plane that suits your preferences?

If you are a frequent flyer, you probably already know a few tips on how to choose a seat on this plane . Depending on your needs and preferences you can choose a suitable gold position. 



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Many people on the plane wonder, do not know which position is best? Where is the gold position that suits your needs and preferences. In the following, Vietnam Travel will synthesize a few tips to choose a satisfactory sitting position, with those with small children, or like to have comfortable legs, or want to feel safe first.

1. Choose from large seats with comfortable leg room

In case you have a slightly 'oversized' height and weight, how to choose a seat on the plane is the best way? You should choose for yourself in large seating positions, with comfortable leg room. And the most suitable position is the row near the exit door. Here between the rows of seats is stowed wider, so you get more comfort.


How to choose a seat on the plane according to your preferenceSitting near the emergency exit will provide plenty of leg room


Or the doors and seats next to the partition on aircraft that have the most free space. However, these positions are also in high demand and often come with pre-recommendations. For example, guests in the front row of doors will be willing to assist in an emergency evacuation. 


2. Seat selection helps to increase seat space

For flights with no passengers, there will be a certain amount of empty seats on the plane. If you are lucky, you may ask for permission from the flight attendant to lend an empty row of seats to rest. If not, please make room for the elderly, children or pregnant women on the same flight.

 One tip that you can regularly and increase your chances of using empty seats is to ask questions and ask the check-in staff to arrange your seats near the empty seats.


How to choose a seat on the plane according to your preferenceCan negotiate to choose a seat next to an empty seat


3. Select seats for the plane sick

In the event that you or a loved one often suffer from severe motion sickness, when flying, you should choose seats near the wings and body of the aircraft. Because, this is a location with little noise and low vibration, so you can avoid the hangover feeling like "drunk" in the plane.

Note:  Most of the time, airplanes have their own structure with four jets, so the tail part is quite long. Therefore, if you are prone to air sickness, you should avoid the rear seat, due to the influence of the engine, there will be high vibration as well as loud noise.


How to choose a seat on the plane according to your preferenceWhere should people with car sickness sit to reduce their sickness?


4. Choosing seats to get off the plane quickly

If you want to save time traveling and waiting, the best way to choose a seat on the plane is to choose a seat in the left-hand front row - where the doors are. However, it is recommended that you arrange light luggage such as backpacks or carry-on suitcases.


5. Choose a quiet seat for sleeping

There's really nothing more 'good' than sitting on the plane and falling asleep quietly. However, if the sounds of engines, the sounds of customers around, interrupt your sleep. Then the ideal seat selection is the window seat that will give you control over the shade in the window and have headrests. You also don't have to wake up every time the person next to you needs to move to the toilet. In particular, choose the front row - extremely quiet place.


How to choose a seat on the plane according to your preferenceComfortable sleeping on the plane and quiet

6. Select suitable seats when traveling with children

During flights where adults are accompanied by children, especially young children, there will be a lot of worrying questions like whether the baby is fussy or not, or too excited or demanding go toilet a dozen times ...?


How to choose a seat on the plane according to your preferenceWhere is the most convenient place to sit with children?


Therefore, the secret in this case is that you should choose a chair near the partition, more spacious and near the toilet for convenience, easy operation, and movement.


7. Choose a seat that feels safe

Of course, once on the plane, there is no place that is unsafe or absolutely safe. But there will be a few places to provide a sense of safety for low-key passengers including:

  • Position near the exit door, maybe at the top, middle or end of the plane.
  • Sit in the top VIP cabin.
  • Sitting near the aisle.

In short, the safest-rated positions on the plane are the front or rear seats near the exit doors. However, if the aircraft has a direct collision, the first part will be dangerous, while the rear seat position will have a safer rate.


How to choose a seat on the plane according to your preferenceNeed safety, look for locations near emergency exits


8. Choose suitable seats if you bring a lot of hand luggage

If your luggage isn't too light, don't choose the top seats. Instead choose to stay behind the plane. Because in the head compartments, wool is often very tight.

These are tips to choose your own seat on the plane , but for many airlines, choose seats in advance with reservation conditions or change fees. Therefore, you need to learn in advance the separate regulations of each airline for your travel experience to have the most convenient and comfortable flight for your journey!

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