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How to become a travel blogger with your passion?

 How do you become a travel blogger and make it your business? Just love traveling and want to share it with everyone, and you can make your dream come true!

The life of a travel blogger makes many people a dream job. Many people think that being a blogger is great, being able to hammock on the beach on a remote island while sipping cocktails and posting on social media about the experience.

But the truth about that image is not quite so, for every financially successful travel blogger , there are hundreds who soon give up after realizing that becoming a travel blogger is impossible achieved!


How do I become a travel blogger?Nomadic Matt is perhaps the world's most famous travel blogger


On the other hand, if you are aware of the hardships of your job then your chances of becoming the next Nomadic Matt (one of the most popular travel bloggers), Nellie Huang or Aileen Adalid (two of the famous Asian bloggers) most) will not be too far away!

How to become a travel blogger?

With the world in a state of change under the influence of Covid-19 and the tourism industry being one of the most influential industries, it seems like an inadequate time to consider starting to become a travel blog. However, domestic and regional tourism is likely to flourish soon thereafter! With many people with the time and a good internet connection, you might have a chance in this most unusual situation.


How do I become a travel blogger?Do you have a passion for travel and want to make money from it?


So  how to become a travel blogger when you don't know where to start? The following suggestions will help you imagine how this exciting job will play out!


What is your goal?

To become a travel blogger , it is essential to have an outline of your goals and ideal from the start. If it is going to be a passion project, you will have more freedom if you intend to make a living from this job. Either way, it's important to focus on creating solid and regular content.

There are a lot of travel websites and blogs that have good backgrounds so it's important to find a spot on a niche niche. Focus on something you know well and are passionate about.


How do I become a travel blogger?What is your goal of becoming a travel blogger?


Things like local street food, current regional travel trends, indigenous cultures or delving into specific areas are all suited to the current tourist environment and can be monetized direct impact. After you've started work, you can again review and rearrange your goals.


Which platform to use?

There are many stages of implementation for creating compelling websites and blogs including a few steps you can take without having to hire web designers or learn to code. The easiest and cheapest is the native Blogger platform owned by Google, which means search engine optimization will be powerful and your blog will be easier to find.

Blogger is free and has a few options, although it is limited in scalability. Blogger is a good place to start without spending anything but not an ideal platform for building a blog or website.


How do I become a travel blogger?Ly Thanh Co is one of the prominent names in Vietnam's travel blogger community


Many bloggers use WordPress. Sample software offers a variety of themes for free, although the better options cost around US $ 60 to $ 100 (one-time payment). Use plug-ins to add features, themes can be customized and integrated into your blog page. If you use WordPress, you will need to buy a domain name and find a host for your blog - basically renting empty online storage space from a company.

While this approach is quite simple and very flexible, it does require you to know a little about the technology which also means you add the administrative burden!


How do I become a travel blogger?Using WordPress or Squarespace?


Another solution: Squarespace is a viable option. You need almost no technical knowledge to set up with its attractive and customizable templates. A web domain name is also available and you can make money and create a store here once you're up and running, the annual fee starts at US $ 96.

So how to become a travel blogger ? Essentially, you'll contribute your content to the platform and drive followers using keywords, tags, and searchable categories.


How to make money?

Turning your blog into a place to make money is a long and complicated road.

Monetization has many tricks: advertising (with Google AdSense), sponsored content (from brands or locations), linking to other corporate links (commissions through companies that own the service, products), sales (selling manuals or other products) and consulting (such as selling blogging courses or managing social media for brands).


How do I become a travel blogger?Making money from this job takes effort and comes a long way


Some people simply use their blog to show their talent for the purpose of getting a job as a travel writer or photographer.


Advice for you

How to become a reputable travel blogger ? Avoid excessive title grabbing titles and keep the content short. Always write offline and keep a backup of you.

Post consistently and consistently well-targeted to target and post snippets of your status updates on social media. Social media is key if you want to build readership and monetize your blog.


How do I become a travel blogger?Travel bloggers need to have beautiful photos that attract attention


Post regularly on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter (the most popular platforms) or, if you write for a younger audience - for example, about backpacking or nightlife - on Snapchat and TikTok are also suitable. Need to interact with your followers. Most travel bloggers  cross-post daily for all their posts.

Social media posts can be anything from a link to a recent blog post or an image or a travel-related quote or a short news story. While traveling, post Instagram stories and content more often to generate real-time interest, right on your trip.

Don't be tempted to pay for courses that promise to make you rich. Travel blogging is competitive and requires a lot to be successful!


How do I become a travel blogger?Nam Nguyen - Vietnamese tourism blogger


Get free service?

How to become a travel blogger and get a lot of free experiences?

Free paid hotel accommodations and travel are offered by businesses looking for a marketing ploy, but not as often as some bloggers hope. Usually the costs and returns you expect to be negotiated and your influence are important in this job.


How do I become a travel blogger?Tourism Blogger Kieu Trang (halleytran_)


A new blogger is unlikely to get anything for free. As a blogger, you are also your own publisher and moderator so don't damage your reputation with your followers. Even for highly experienced writers, free travel is hard to come by and they would do nothing more than lie in a hammock on the top beach and sip a cocktail!

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