Thursday, February 11, 2021

Have a safe season train travel guide

 If you also love train vehicles, and use them regularly in every trip, keep a guide to traveling by season train right away, making sure to be safe and healthy for yourself.

Mid-range fares, simple procedures and also a convenient type of transportation when traveling, so many people choose trains for their trips. However, in this new period, you all need to equip a travel guide for seasonal trains to stay healthy, safe and bring exciting experiences for yourself.


traveling by train during the season

Train trips always bring a new feeling, many people feel the peace, relaxation and easy sightseeing along the road when using this means of transport. If you also love this vehicle, and use it regularly in every trip, then keep a guide to traveling by season train right away, ensuring your safety.


Note when traveling by train during seasonNote when traveling by train in the safe season


A few notes when traveling by train season

1- Limit the purchase of tickets at the counter, if possible, book train tickets online to reduce the number of people traveling and gathering at the platform.

2- Use the mask properly and during the journey to the platform, on the train.

3- Regularly wash hands properly with soap (if any) or with hand sanitizer solution, a dry hand sanitizer containing over 60% of the special alcohol concentration after: coughing, sneezing; disposal of paper towels; leave the train.

4- Do not touch your eyes, nose, or mouth. Limit eating and drinking when going to the station or on the train.

5- If you find yourself or passengers on the same train having symptoms such as cough, fever, difficulty breathing, promptly notify the vehicle manager for quick support measures.


Note when traveling by train during season

6. In particular, should not be in close contact with people with cough, fever, or shortness of breath on the train.

7- Do not spit at the station or on the train at the wrong place. 

8. Cover your mouth and nose with a tissue, a cloth or your elbow when you cough or sneeze. Place used tissues in a sealed garbage bag to dispose of in the trash in the designated place.

9- At the end of the journey, if one of the symptoms appears fever, cough, sore throat, difficulty breathing: Contact the hotline of the Ministry of Health (19009095 or 19003228) for advice and advice. Information regarding the vehicle you have traveled. To medical facilities for prompt examination and treatment.

10- In addition, during this epidemic, improving your health, enhancing your resistance, keeping your body warm, having a scientific and nutritional lifestyle is also a way for you to eliminate the invasion of the virus. .


Note when traveling by train during seasonMost importantly, you need to improve your health, raise your awareness of disease prevention and control

After you have equipped the train travel guide for the season , let's find out the reasons why you must travel by train once !

  • The first reason is that the procedure is simple, so many people choose trains in each of their journeys. If you need to wait on the plane, check-in time before and 2 hours, then for trains you only need to arrive 15 - 10 minutes in advance is completely comfortable. Buying a train ticket requires only ID, and boarding is just as simple.
  • Easy to see the landscape out the window:  Even a passenger car or an airplane, it's very difficult to see the scenery outside in sight. Or the paths are not that interesting, but with the train combined with the pretty path, you will be spoiled for admiring the changing landscape in each region.
  • Maximum cost savings:  By flying, to get a cheap ticket you need to spend a few months watching and hunting for tickets. Or will bear a quite high ticket price when purchased on the normal occasion. As for trains, you can buy it at any time, with the prices listed, which is an extremely cost-effective travel option.
  • Using electronic devices comfortably: If you need to turn off the power in the plane, do not use electronic equipment, when traveling on the train you can comfortably use, even have the freedom to turn on the network without worrying. 


Note when traveling by train in the safe seasonNow get ready for a safe season trip!


In this covid-19 epidemic , traveling by public transport such as passenger cars, airplanes or even trains, ... are places capable of contacting many people, in space tightness, high risk of epidemic spread. Therefore, each of us must have a sense of prevention and fight against the epidemic regardless of the circumstances. You are about to have a train trip, immediately equip the following train travel notes !

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