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Great way to buy cheap airline tickets for an attractive travel

 If you want to save the maximum cost of your travel, and have a rich wallet to enjoy exciting experiences, one of the things you need to know is how to hunt for air tickets cheap.

Low-cost flights from Vietnam Airlines, Vietjet Air, Jetstar and Bamboo Airways are regularly launched with attractive promotions such as: "Attractive reception" of Vietnam Airlines, "It's 12 o'clock, Vietjet Air" , "3 hours a day - the dream of flying" by Jestar, "Hello Wednesday, Bamboo is carefree" of Bamboo Airways, ... But to hunt those tickets is not easy and the tips below help you to successfully hunt for plane tickets.


how-to-buy-to-have-fly-to-re-travelGreat way to buy cheap flight tickets for an attractive Taiwan travel (Photo: Internet)

And to save costs for your travel, owning cheap flight tickets to travel is a very accurate and necessary job. Here's how you can buy cheap flight tickets for your next trip to explore popular tourist destinations.

Tell you how to buy cheap flight tickets super simple travel 

1. Make a plan, choose the time to hunt for tickets 

Planning is the first step if you want to start your trip as early as possible. Determine when and how long you will be traveling, find hotels and motels, and plan ahead of schedule. Planning is also one of the ways to buy cheap flight tickets because you can choose the right flight time. 

to-travel-plan-to-buy-to-buy-on-cheap-flightsBefore buying an airline ticket, plan your trip (Image: Internet)


Another tip for cheap flight tickets is to choose to buy tickets in the low season. The fact that airfare to a specific destination is high / low largely affects seasonality. For example, there is a large number of people in the North "South to move" to Saigon to settle and work, so on Tet holiday, the afternoon flight to Ho Chi Minh - Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh - Thanh Hoa, ... will have a price very high. During the Tet period, tourists should avoid booking air tickets to Ho Chi Minh if they do not want the sky-high ticket prices, even up to 10 million round-trip. You can hunt for cheap Tet tickets to get the best price.

Or in the high summer, the trend of families choosing famous beach destinations for their trip such as Da Nang, Nha Trang, Phu Quoc , ... So one experience to book cheap flight tickets is also You can go to less HOT places like Hue, Can Tho, Chu Lai, ... in the summer. These flights will easily have cheap air tickets about 1.2 million - 2 million / round-trip flight ticket.

2. Quickly update promotions 

Updating promotions is one of the ways to buy cheap flight tickets for effective travel that you should keep in mind.

Our country's airlines regularly deploy very attractive customer gratitude promotions. In particular, these programs are always updated on the company's website. Therefore, when you plan to travel in this beautiful place, you should regularly check these websites to update the news as soon as possible and actively participate immediately. 

3. Prepare carefully the information before hunting tickets 

The fastest and cheapest way to hunt for cheap flights is that before entering the booking process, prepare all the necessary information such as name, gender, phone number, destination, time flight time… Since there will be a lot of traffic during the promotional period, you should be well prepared to not waste time entering information.

4. Watch the right time and hunt for tickets 

After you have updated the promotions, the next thing you need to do is note the promotion time and hunt for tickets at the right time. Since the number of tickets for each promotion will be limited, you should hurry to get the cheapest tickets at the earliest.

the-time-to-buy-on-the-plane-to-go-for-travel-from-minhPlease note the promotion time and hunt for tickets at the right time to buy cheap flight tickets (Photo: Internet)

One way to buy cheap flight tickets  that you should keep in mind is do not hesitate because at promotional times. The number of visitors and tickets will be very large, if you have a ticket with the right price, even if it is not the lowest, you should hurry. Sometimes just a little slow, your dream travel ticket will belong to someone else.

5. Which airline should buy cheap airline tickets?

Up to now, there are 4 airlines from Vietnam operating domestic flights, namely Vietnam Airlines, Jetstar Pacific, VietJet Air, and Bamboo Airways. In which Jetstar Pacific is known as the low-cost airline with the best service in Vietnam, so Jetstar always has special times and special times to discount flights. There are times when they release tickets only 19,000 VND, 99,000 VND and even 0 VND. Although Jetstar's seating space is not as spacious as Vietnam Airlines, but because the fare is low, everyone is also acceptable and the space is a bit small, suitable for short flights. VietJet Air is also a low-cost airline for flights. 

VietJet Air regularly has surprisingly cheap ticket discounts for customers. If you want to save money, please pay attention to "hunt" for airline tickets from VietJet Air.

to buy-to-buy-to-land-where-to-go-to-tour-of-minhYou should carefully study the airlines that sell cheap flights, as well as compare the prices of the airlines to save costs (Photo: Internet)
In addition, when booking a flight to anywhere, you should also pay attention to additional services, such as checked baggage, meals, wifi on the plane ... Especially, when booking from other Low-cost airlines must pay close attention to checked baggage because most low-priced tickets and promotional tickets will not include checked baggage. To save money on your trip, you can limit carrying too much luggage, check the size and weight of your baggage before going to the airport to avoid having to buy more baggage at the airport, as This fee is quite expensive. When you need to buy more checked baggage, you should buy it before going to the airport, it's better to buy at the same time as buying tickets to save costs and be more active in preparing your luggage!

6. A flexible payment card, redundant account

Once you have successfully purchased a cheap flight ticket  , the next thing you need to do is pay. Prepare an abundant international payment card such as Visa, Mastercard, Amex with an abundant account or just a local card that your account is "rich" and especially with a smooth internet and banking connection for fast payment after booking, especially during promotions.

or-prepare-bi-the-to-pay-for-to-bay-gia-reAfter choosing a ticket, quickly pay to own a cheap flight ticket for your travel itinerary (Photo: Internet)

Just delay in payment, or fail to pay successfully, you will probably have to say goodbye to your travel dream.

With these ways to buy cheap flight tickets to travel on, you will find it easier to find a ticket and go on your dream trip. Remember to be patient and take the time to follow the promotional information regularly to be able to successfully hunt tickets.

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