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"Gather up" how to choose outfits for the beach that thousands of people love

 Summer is here, let's go get Vitamin sea! Don't forget to choose outfits for seafaring thousands of people who love to pose properly, look like you want to drop your heart now!

Not less than sisters and sisters, she must immediately save the way to choose a beach outfit that looks like she wants to love below. Confidently drop the pose, take a beautiful pose!

Style 'she ther' - Mer the seaside membrane

Her style, or also more inclined to vintage style, then the chant-style outfits are definitely for you. The long dresses with brocade, lace, or floral motifs, the highlight are long sleeves, spread wide with sedge accessories such as sedge bags, papyrus hats, rush earrings, a pair of sedge sandal then out of mind.


how to choose costumes for the sea of ​​thousands of people loveDream style chanting


Relaxing her body to check-in, her style is very suitable for tropical seas , many trees, it feels like she has been transformed into an impressive di-gan girl. Recently, this style is very popular with many people, like a fresh breeze when choosing beach costumes . Discrete enough, just enough emphasis and also extremely disruptive! 

Style personality - Create seismic in the desert

Personality style is also extremely suitable for her to relax in the desert. Daring cut outfits, hugging dresses showing off, a little bit pit, a little "cool" she has a photo of thousands of people like.


how to choose costumes for the sea of ​​thousands of people loveStyle personality, pit accents


Personality style 'on trend' when choosing a beach accessory page because it is not picky about the wearer and with an average cost, you can completely set up beachwear and forget the way home. The Vietnamese stars in our family also love this style all the way, typically Thieu Bao Tram, Hoang Thuy Linh, ...


how to choose costumes for the sea of ​​thousands of people loveEnough personality, show off your shape yet?


Duck Cake Style - Turns the little cat girl on the golden sand

Referring to the most popular beach costume style , perhaps it is the banh beo style. This is also the style that is easy to wear and most appropriate, whether you are on a small beach, a tropical coast or an artificial sea, make sure to cut off all glances!


how to choose costumes for the sea of ​​thousands of people loveTurn the cake in the middle of the desert


The style of banh beo helps her turn into a small, relaxed but also sweet cat by the beach. A multi-layered white dress, bobbing shoulders, or layered maxi, she will definitely fall into the sights of the beach amateur paparazzi.


how to choose costumes for the sea of ​​thousands of people loveLike a small cat worshiping


Bikini - Beachwear not to be missed

According to experience going to the beach, of course, bikini is indispensable, and to wear a standard bikini with ten thousand people love, fat or thin, you will be beautiful, first, learn your body, hide the shortcomings and highlight the advantages of a bikini are amazingly seductive.


how to choose costumes for the sea of ​​thousands of people loveCan not lack bikini


If you have a little excess belly fat, boldly choose a bikini with high-waisted pants - this is your best friend that you can trust for life. Avoiding those with bright, colorful or too many layers of frill, will make your belly, fat, and fat more fertile than usual!

If you are a bit thin, then these deep-cut bikinis really fit, be confident wearing them, the bodysuit is not bad, but create accents with bright colors, textures and bouncy floors the better.


how to choose costumes for the sea of ​​thousands of people loveChoose set with that person


Depending on your personality and personal preferences, you can choose a bikini model that is right for you, but you need to consider the skin factor too, if you have brown skin, you can choose a light tone automatically, floating looks very eye-catching. If you have fair skin then congratulations, you don't need to be too hesitant!


Check list of accessories that are indispensable

Full style beach outfits , do not forget to check this list of accessories. Only they can bring out the true beauty of the sea.

The first one is indispensable is a wide-brimmed hat, oh my god, a hat, a hat, .. anything you can just put on and look far away is a picture of her deep on the beach!


how to choose costumes for the sea of ​​thousands of people loveBeautiful bag


Sandal sandals are also a must-have accessory, think walking on the golden sandy beach, you dragging your hotel flip flops, or hanging your feet on heels, or scarier than sand full of feet when wearing sports shoes? Prepare a pair of sandals to walk on the slippery terrain of the sand, easily dry in the water, especially 'a couple of births' when posing in front of the sea!


how to choose costumes for the sea of ​​thousands of people loveStandard sandal hats, sandals?

Chiffon scarves or brocade designs are fine, they are not only used as photo accessories, they also help her shade the sun when needed, well of course, it also replaces the bath towel!

Bracelets, necklaces, earrings, glasses ... all of them tuck into your travel suitcase small compartment. Because without them, the outfit cannot be perfect. Don't forget to save the  make up tips for going to the beach for a long time!


how to choose costumes for the sea of ​​thousands of people loveDon't forget to bring your glasses


Now, is she safe to 'dress up'? The set of outfits for sea trips with thousands of people will make her stand out during the journey and especially help her have a photo album posted for a few years.

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