Thursday, February 11, 2021

Check a list of indispensable travel items for the moving team!

 Are you on a team that likes to move? If so, this checklist is definitely for you. The necessary travel items in every trip, save them right away!

It may not be your first time traveling, but maybe this is the first time you see the checklist of essential travel items below. Make your journey perfect and convenient with these important items!


Check out the necessary travel itemsStart your journey with a full checklist


Check out the necessary travel items

1. Trip checklist

Hm hm, in the checklist, there are checklists, there is a handy checklist for you to check the schedule, check necessary items during your trip.

You may find this unnecessary, but hey, don't be 'lazy' because sometimes you forget something very important for the trip like 'ATM card' for example!


Check out the necessary travel itemsDefinitely have to re-pin the item list, trip schedule


Checklist can be a small notebook, or checklist on the phone note, you can better manage your luggage, do not miss any items even when going and returning!


2. Personal storage bag

This personal bag is very practical for each trip, it is not just a compact bag, but it will help you not to worry about stuffing a lot of bottles, jars, toiletries. .


Check out the necessary travel itemsSmall but martial arts bag


If this personal bag has many compartments, it would be great, because each compartment will carry a function such as the medicine storage area, the toiletries area, the cosmetic area, the underwear area. ..

Think if you do not have this personal bag, you will put all of the above mess in the suitcase? Don't waste time searching and tidying up, let this indispensable travel item hold everything like this 'Doremon magic bag'! Well, if you can buy a waterproof bag, it would be great to know you guys!


Check out the necessary travel itemsThe bag carries the world

3. Technology bag

This is an equally essential travel item  - the holy bag, because it will help your gadgets to be neat, easy to find and safe to keep for them.


Check out the necessary travel itemsTechnology bag


In this bag, in addition to your phone, battery charger, backup charger, headphones you can insert sims, usb, memory cards when needed, 3G too, help fumbling and be dropped when they are tiny. And in particular, the technology bag is both waterproof and shockproof, and very well preserved for your mobile phone or macbook!


4. Anti-theft hook

This important travel item  is very often overlooked and overlooked, but it is what makes our trip even safer. This hook is usually in the form of a stretchy stretch, attaches your wallet to your bag and is easy to take out and use.


Check out the necessary travel itemsThe magic anti-theft hook


According to experience when traveling , the preservation of money and assets is extremely important, in the wallet in addition to money, card, also ID card, visa, passport, ... that's why this hangers is an effective solution to comfortably take pictures and visit without worrying about problems arising.


5. Shoulder bag

This trendy bag is not only for fashion purposes but also an effective solution for your less cumbersome trip. When the shoulder is too tired to wear a backpack or handbag, the belt bag has decreased somewhat, and it also ensures visibility, difficult to be stolen or pickpockets when we travel.


Check out the necessary travel itemsThe hip bag trendy


This bag will be slightly larger than your handheld wallet, you can put more lipstick, sunscreen, tissue paper, small thin towel, travel camera too!


6. Dried snacks

Prepare some dry snacks such as cakes, lozenges, shrimp or dried chicken, ... because this will measure to recharge if you miss a chance in the middle of the road, or in case of need. Especially pregnant women or people with a history of low blood pressure, for example, ...


Check out the necessary travel itemsDry food included


When the sun is hot, or the mountain is exhausted, this little snack is really invaluable gift not only for you but maybe as companions.


7. Medication and medical equipment needed

This dish is very familiar but many people ignore it, often people rarely prepare it because they think it is convenient to buy it right there. But that's wrong, if your trip is in a remote place or you experience the ecology in the jungle, it is necessary to bring it with you because it is not easy to find a pharmacy.


Check out the necessary travel itemsMedicines and personal medical supplies


Some necessary medicines and medical supplies such as: motion sickness medicine, digestive medicine, insect repellent, antidote, fever, ... bandages, medical scissors, ...

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