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All the tips for taking beautiful landscape photography like a specialist

 With just a few simple landscape photography tips will help you own those sparkling beautiful pictures and "million likes". Let's explore these are some of the tips for beautiful landscape photography. 

10 tips for capturing beautiful landscapes you should 'pocket'

1. Use a wide angle lens 

In addition to choosing the subject and location, it is important to use a wide-angle lens for good photos. For example, with APS-C cameras it is recommended to use lenses with negative lenses of about 10-20cm, while full-frame models should use a focal length of 15-30mm to easily choose a large scene. 

Landscape photography tips
Choose a wide-angle lens for great shots

2. Make plans like ... experts

One of the next landscape photography tips that you should not ignore is the need to plan ahead as detailed and detailed as a true pro. Should see the weather forecast before going that will help you easily choose beautiful moments and sunrise or sunset. To do this your camera needs a super cool tool called The Photographer's Ephemeris.

Landscape photography tips
Plan like ... experts

3. Need to maximize sharpness

Another secret of capturing beautiful landscapes is that you need to maximize the sharpness and depth of the photo set, but this depends on the exact technique and narrowness. With f / 16 narrow, if you get the wrong focus in the image, even the background or front will be out of focus. Therefore, you should switch the camera and lens to manual focus as well as rotate the ring to the right of the frame. Once this point is determined or using the viewfinder, Live View will easily focus on your set of shots. 

Landscape photography tips
Don't forget to maximize the sharpness


4. Polarized light 

Tips for beautiful landscape photography you also need to pay attention to polarize light well, using polarizing filters is considered to be the most versatile accessory when photographing landscapes. This will help the sky background to become clear blue, avoid glare and reduce saturation reflections. So it is best to polarize the light and use a medium-density filter to reduce light entering the lens with one or two stops. 

5. Wait for the green time

Waiting for the green time is seen as an effective landscape photography tip that many people use. The time when the sun sets is considered ideal for landscape photography, it is called the "blue hour" and is rated as the "golden hour" for beautiful landscapes because its wavelength of light is purple, green Blue. If the sky is orange or red, then the ground will have light blue light. 

Landscape photography tips
Adjust photos over time for better results

6. Balance when taking pictures

The experience of photographing beautiful landscapes is that you need to pay attention to maintain balance when shooting. With the ideal lighting and the right weather, it is ideal for landscape photography. It is best to use composition rules ⅓ as the background of your photo, this way you will easily grasp the most realistic feeling.

As for the ⅓ rule when shooting, imagine a frame with nine horizontal lines and two vertical lines. You need to position the main focal point of the photo at one of the four intersecting points. The horizon is placed on the horizontal line or taken horizontally and vertically. Currently, there are a number of cameras that offer a net ⅓ built into the glass or LCD monitor if you are using Live View. 

Landscape photography tips
Balance when taking pictures

7. Step into the picture

Tips for taking beautiful landscape photography must include you need to feel like you are entering the image. You need to identify an object that is water, rock or anything related to the scene to direct the viewer at your image. To do this you need field reference and addition. When creating more composition principles ⅓ for landscape photography, you will easily balance and harmonize your image. 

8. Eyeing of the viewer

In order to create dynamic and engaging landscape images, it is best to use tips on civilian roads. To do this you need to use strong field lines such as bridges, roads or walls. Then, you will easily position this element with the lower part of the frame and creatively add lines that affect the focal point of the image. 

Landscape photography tips
Eye of the viewer

9. Break the rules

Using composition rule ⅓ makes it easier to get creative in your shot and create a horizon in the middle of a scene that best attracts the viewer. So the trick for landscape photography is to naturally choose locations with elements of clarity and symmetry. For example, you can choose from colorful flower fields, a pier or a lone tree in the middle of the forest. This is also one of the great landscape photography tips used by many people to get natural and sparkling photos.

Landscape photography tips
Break the rules when taking pictures

10. Get creative with camera movement

Landscape photography often requires sharpness and nature, the movement itself causes the image to be blurred. Therefore, you need to know how to rotate your lens as well as set up your camera with speed priority mode. With this tip you can enlarge or shrink an image to easily choose sharpness. Next, you need to gently zoom the image to choose the moment as well as the most natural clarity for the image. 

Landscape photography tips
Get creative with camera movement

Hopefully with these tips landscape photography  the most beautiful above will make it easier for her to own the beautiful photos and most natural to unleash like post photos on facebook million there. 

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