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'A basket' of reasons for you to definitely travel to the beginning of the new year!

 You still do not have enough motivation for this Tet holiday, so read the article below, with the 'basket' of reasons for traveling in the beginning of the new year, you will definitely close the tour, book your calendar right away!

You always justify, the new year needs more time to rest, to stay at home. But forget that, the reasons to travel in the beginning of the new year are also super meaningful when you are connecting your family, bringing your parents and relatives to explore a new land.


The reason should travel the New YearDefinitely have to travel early in the year! Photo: Didalat


Even with many parents, or many young people all year long devoted to work, taking care of housework and taking care of family, forgetting that we also need rest, relaxation and need to work energy breaking for the new year. 


The reason to travel New Year with friendsTogether with friends, make memories. Photo: Vietgiaitri


Tet is also an opportunity for your whole family, or close friends' association to get closer and better understand each other, so traveling to Tet can do it too, when everyone is planning together, preparing together. For the trip, let's capture the warm spring travel together!


Thousands of reasons should travel to the beginning of the new year!

1. The right time to refresh the spirit

If at the end of the year, the whole family is busy with 'moving house for Tet' or reporting, overtime at the end of the year, ... Then the beginning of the year is the most appropriate time in both time and money to make the trip what to do tourism.


reason to travel early in the new year - it's time to refreshThis is the time to refresh yourself. Photo: Timeout


In particular, a trip away with family, is also an opportunity for you to refresh the past year, remove all the troubles of the old year, of the old busy, of the old negative things to catch a New year full of excitement, spirit of exposure.

This life, too, needs breaks. And you have had the past year to try non-stop, the past year to fight for yourself, so the beginning of the year is the time for you to stop for a moment, see the world with your family, love yourself!


The reason should travel New Year-_libra90-minSlow down together to see the world. Photo: Libra90

2. Create a space to bond with love

This is the reason why traveling in the New Year is extremely meaningful and right, not only for your family but also for your friends and relatives. Where must being on the friendlist list is love? Love is also about experiencing new things together, planning a trip together, creating warm loving moments. 


The reason should travel early new year-liver-ket-family-familyAn opportunity to bond with love when parents are getting older. Photo: bestprice


And the New Year's trip will help you do this, traveling to Tet is not only to enjoy the feeling of rest, but also together to create special memories in a new land, so real meaning right? As your parents are getting older and your kids are getting bigger and they want to be 'independent', a year trip at this time will help the whole family have memories beautiful throughout life.


The reason should travel early new year-liver-ket-family-familyWhen the kids are growing up every day! Photo: DulichViet


Moreover, many parents, living their whole life, have never once escaped from the fields or village, they have never thought of going far, or having a proper travel trip. New Year's gift - a trip to the New Year will really help your parents be satisfied once, gather with their children and grandchildren in a distant place, what's more wonderful than that?


The reason should travel early new year-liver-ket-family-familyTogether create moments of love


At a certain point, when reminiscing about this time, looking at the saved pictures, you will smile on your own and that will motivate you to try, live positively, live more lovingly!


3. Experience the customs of welcoming the New Year

Tet tourism also becomes more impressive, because this is the time when everywhere is celebrating the New Year, with many customs and traditions of its own. Coming to a new land like Sapa, Ha Giang, Moc Chau, ... or exporting to neighboring China, you will experience different cultures and customs of Tet in the mountains  creating an identity separate for each place.


The reason to travel in the beginning of the new year - learn about the traditional Tet holidayExperience the customs of welcoming the New Year


These are unforgettable experiences for your whole family, because together, learn about a new customs, learn more about a beauty to celebrate the New Year, and share new things together. 


4. Recharge for a peaceful, lucky year

As the reason to travel early in the year to refresh the spirit, the trip to Tet is also an opportunity to positively recharge. Usually New Year tours in the beginning of the year , will be associated with going to the temple, or participating in festivals, beliefs, ... at this time everyone will wish together, or pray for a happy and peaceful new year and good luck.


The reason should travel the New YearWish a peaceful new year. Photo: Airseco


The trips at the beginning of the year with a positive spirit, such as a new vitality, are full of optimism to await the challenges of a year ahead. Either way, the spirit has been strained, experimenting with new things, there is no reason to refuse the challenges that come with the opportunity to help yourself grow more.


5. Receive overwhelming incentives for Tet

Normally, on the occasion of Tet, travel companies will launch many combo packages, stimulus programs, promotions, gratitude for customers using services or airlines launch promotional tickets for Tet 2021 . Therefore, you can take advantage of this time to make a year-round trip with family and relatives to apply many promotions, the most economical for a fun and complete trip.

In addition, many companies also have a lucky draw program for customers to participate in Tet promotion tours if you are lucky, sometimes you win a next trip, or receive gratitude gifts. Meaning, how to get lucky for a prosperous new year?

The  reasons to travel in the beginning of the new year are convincing enough for you yet? Let's join your family and relatives to create moments of a happy, full and meaningful trip!

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